We offer our patients a wide range of extensive diagnostic procedures and, on its basis, develop individually suitable therapy programs and subsequent medical care.

Comprehensive diagnostic & analysis


General health status, personal medical history and previous findings as well as family illnesses can present first indicators of the health status.


An appointment with the attending physician is followed by a personal consultation and diagnosis, as well as physical examination.


With the help of Vital Field Technology we can analyze the whole body and organism. A precise measurement - based on more than 100 million individual measurements - and evaluation of more than 600 different systems, functions and organs is carried out.


Furthermore, we offer our patients a wide range of comprehensive laboratory diagnostics. These provide detailed insights into, for instance, immune response, metabolism, biological age, inflammations, genetic changes or hormone status.



Individual therapies & prevention


Our focus is on treatment of existing diseases and acute complaints as well as on preventive measures:


• We have great experience with cell therapy and stimulation of stem cells, which is how, for one thing, individual organs, immune system and hormone system can be supported and strengthened again.


• The INUSpherese® we offer, a further development of blood purification, filters out pathogenic environmental toxins (such as heavy metals, solvents or microplastics), disease-causing antibodies, inflammatory agents and numerous other harmful substances from plasma. Through this fundamental detoxification, INUSpherese® can create an ideal basis for further therapies and improve their effectiveness.


• Advanced treatments such as laser, plasma and ozone therapy can increase cell energy level, improve blood circulation and help the organism restore its balance.


• Supporting, individual infusion programs complement our therapies.



Follow-up treatment


Our doctors will advise you in detail about the time after the therapy and create and recommend an aftercare medication as well as optimal period for the continuation and repetition of our therapies in order to achieve the best possible effect for you.


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