A milestone in innovative high-tech medicine

There are about 100 billion cells in human body working together. Every single cell is a miracle with an unmanageable number of reactions happening at the same time. The smooth interaction of all cells can hardly be understood. The fine tuning of all these interactions is a wonder of nature.


Hastiness, stress, environmental pollution, malnutrition and diseases disturb this balance. The metabolism does not function properly and waste products are deposited in our tissue. Long before diseases develop, performance decreases, nerves deteriorate and mood swings occur.


We, German Centre for Cell Therapy, offer a variety of tried treatments to stop this process. This way, we create a stable ground for good health and a harmonious aging process.


Pollutants from the environment, but also the pollutants our organism produces itself with an increasing age, play a major role in the process of aging and the development of diseases. At the same time, exposure to harmful substances represents an obstacle for the full effectiveness of subsequent therapies.


The INUSpherese®

INUSpherese® is a state-of-the-art blood purification method, which is based on decades of experience and scientific research. The achievement of INUS is in a development and use of intelligent double membrane filters through which most diverse pollutants are filtered out of the plasma.


This also applies to pollutants produced by the body itself, in such cases like autoimmune diseases, inflammations or other severe illnesses. Damaged blood cells are also removed this way.



This apheresis is not just any apheresis -

The Umweltapherese® has been used, researched and published by INUS for the first time ever.



There are numerous types of treatments. However, INUSpherese® is the only form of apheresis that was invented in order to permanently eliminate toxins and chronic inflammations from the body quickly and with almost no side effects. INUSpherese® can have an invaluable positive and preventive effect on the development of chronic diseases.

INUSpherese® procedure

The INUSpherese® is preceded by a detailed anamnesis. The diagnosis is based on the completion of a questionnaire with around 60 questions about general health status as well as personal medical history and previous family illnesses. This information enables the doctor to make an initial assessment of the patient's health status.


During a personal appointment with the attending physician in our health centre, you receive a personalized consultation and diagnosis, as well as a thorough physical examinations, including ECG and blood pressure measurement.


During the therapy you lie comfortably on a treatment bed. Your blood is being drawn into the treatment device through a vein. The first filter separates your blood from the plasma. Plasma then flows through a double membrane filter which has special intelligent membranes. The actual cleaning takes place through this filter. In practice, this means that disease-causing environmental toxins (heavy metals, solvents, microplastics), disease-causing antibodies, inflammatory substances and numerous other pollutants are filtered out.


Purified plasma is then mixed with the blood cells again and brought back into your body through a second vein. The entire process is continuously monitored and medically established. All medical equipment that comes into contact with the blood is for single-use only, so infections are excluded.


The treatment lasts about two hours. Afterwards, it is recommended to spend the rest of the day in relaxation and light activities.


Evidence of the treatment efficacy can be provided for each patient individually. This can be used to prove which disease-causing immune complexes, inflammatory substances, malformed autoimmune antibodies and ubiquitous environmental toxins have been removed from your body and in what amount.


A simplified explanation: The disease-causing substances are filtered out - purified plasma with all its good components is led back into the body.


Plasma could also be enriched with for example vitamins, enzymes, etc.

Indications for INUSpherese®

Typical illnesses that represent an indication for cause-related INUSpherese® are any type of chronic inflammation, autoimmune disease, toxic stress, vascular diseases and diseases of the nervous system. Not only rheumatoid arthritis, CFS, infections and cardiac diseases are among indications, but many more as well. The elimination of the disease-causing factors is also important for tumor therapies.


Chronic infections and severely bad inflammations with the consequence of a possible organ damage, which might not be influenced by the conventional medicine, can often be successfully managed by the INUSpherese®. We should particularly mention the environmentally caused toxic diseases with chronic inflammations as well as chronic autoimmune diseases. If INUSpherese® is used preventively, all these autoimmune diseases, whose number is currently at rise, can often be positively influenced in advance.


The benefits of INUSpherese® are most evident in autoimmune inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis (RA). With each INUSpherese® treatment the significant inflammation marker CRP can be reduced much like numerous other inflammation markers as well. Many rheumatism patients notice improvements of their mobility and pain reduction already after one INUSpherese® treatment.


Polyneuropathy is another good example of the clinical importance of taking away the inflammation –causing substances out of the blood and ultimately out of the nervous system. Here we have a clear evidence-based indication for INUSpherese®.


The effect that environmental toxins have on our body often becomes clear in case of a Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome (MCS). Clinical hypersensitivity to a wide variety of chemicals often decreases to the extent that the body is relieved of everyday ubiquitous environmental toxins.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), if caused by latent chronic inflammation, is another example of the importance of taking away the inflammation–causing substances out of the blood with INUSpherese®.


In addition, INUSpherese® has been shown to significantly improve blood flow in the arterioles and capillaries, the smallest final parts of the arteries. This is where the blood pressure is regulated and where crucial parts of the substance exchange take place. INUSpherese® does not only improve circulatory disorders such as coronary heart disease or cerebrovascular disorders, but it also increases the blood flow (microcirculation) in all internal organs, which improves the supply of nutrients and oxygen and at the same time - enables the removal of residual metabolic waste products. For example, eyes in particular benefit from this in case of macular and retinal diseases, as do kidneys, brain and heart.

Combination of INUSpherese® with our Treatments

The purification from toxins by INUSpherese® is an ideal preparation for our treatments. Toxins of all kinds weaken the body`s regeneration ability. After a detox treatment, your body is ready to receive other healing and strengthening procedures. By this, we are referring to Cell Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy as well as laser and plasma treatments.