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Stem Cell Therapy

Autologous Stem Cell Therapy is currently one of the most exciting and forward-looking branches of today’s medicine.

Stem Cells are endogenous cells that monitor the health status of organs and play a decisive role in body's regeneration process. They detect and repair damage in the organism and keep the body functioning properly. They spread through the bloodstream to injuries or degenerative problems and accumulate there in large numbers. Stem Cells can differentiate into different types of tissue or trigger healing process in the surrounding tissue through messenger substances.

In adults, the largest reserves of endogenous Stem Cells can be found in adipose tissue and bone marrow.

Long-lasting inflammation, nervous system diseases and chronic organ damage exhaust body’s Stem Cells. Here, therapy with concentrated, endogenous stem cells can be beneficial.

We currently offer the following forms of Stem Cell Therapy:

Activation of Stem Cells via laser

Laser light is coherent, highly concentrated light with a large indentation depth. Cells react to this light with an enhanced metabolism. Laser light increases the energy level and activity of Stem Cells in bone marrow.

The activated Stem Cells then spread through the body in the bloodstream. Once they have reached their target, they support the function of fatigued Stem Cells and defective tissue in the organism.


Area of application

The activation of Stem Cells via laser can be used as a systemic therapy, but primarily as a supportive therapy for chronic degenerative diseases.

Therapy with endogenous Stem Cells

Adipose tissue contains large quantities of multipotent Stem Cells – nearly 500 times more than bone marrow. These cells are embedded in stromal vascular fraction of the adipose tissue. After being injected at the appropriate site, they contribute to the regeneration of the surrounding tissue (e.g. bone or cartilage tissue) through their own differentiation potential - released growth factors and anti-inflammatory substances.

Area of application

In this treatment, body's own stem cells, embedded in the stromal vascular fraction, are used, without additional substances, for example in case of knee joint arthrosis. In this procedure, prepared cell material is injected into histologically comparable tissue without exception, whereby it provides a mechanical protective function and can contribute to repair or reconstruction of the tissue.

The so-called "composite graft" can also be used in other areas for subcutaneous reconstruction and relining.


Possible combinations

The combination of Stem Cell Therapy and laser therapy is especially suitable for activating and accelerating regeneration processes in the body.