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Cell Therapy

Organs consist of different cells and tissues that constantly renew themselves. Diseased or restricted working cells die or lose their balance. The cause of many diseases is a disturbed function and communication between the organ systems. Health problems like immunodeficiency, premature aging with the loss of vitality, signs of wear and tear, allergic or chronic disorders are mostly based on more than a single cause.


For this reason, it is important to consider human health in a holistic way having regard to as many health factors as possible. Other than conventional medicine which alleviates symptoms temporary with drugs, holistic therapies focus on eliminating the cause.


Cell therapy is based on experiential healing knowledge as treatment for physical and psychological complaints. It is based on the principle "similia similibus curantur" (may similar things be cured by similar things), defined by Paracelsus (1493 - 1541) and Hahnemann (1755 - 1843). Cell therapy is not a treatment method recognized by conventional medicine and to our knowledge there are no scientific studies on this subject. For this reason, our statements and possible areas of application are based exclusively on our experience over the past decades.


It indicates that Cell Therapy can regulate physical and mental processes, restore the balance, support the entire organism and in that way, assess the cause of complaints.


Our doctors' longstanding experience has shown that Cell Therapy can be used for treating the following indications:


• complaints of old age with physical and mental exhaustion

• vegetative and nervous symptoms in case of chronic stress load, irritability, lack of concentration and sleep disorder

• functional and organic circulatory and vascular diseases

• diabetes

• signs of wear on the locomotor system

• disorders of the inner organs

• metabolic disorders

• hormonal imbalance and neurological disorders

• immunodeficiency, allergies


Doctors of German Centre for Cell Therapy make the preparations individually for the patient depending on the therapy situation. The production takes place in our own clean room laboratory in compliance with GMP guidelines, according to the specifications of the German Drug Law § 13 paragraph 2 b. The attending doctor is supported by our experienced laboratory specialists. For quality assurance, our laboratory is annually inspected by TÜV.

Treatment schedule

Thorough examinations of all patients are essential. The examination is carried out by doctors who have worked in the field of Cell Therapy for many years, and care is provided by medically trained specialists. After careful evaluation of the examination results, individual treatment program is made.

CLASSIC Cell Therapy

CLASSIC Cell Therapy starts on Monday morning. After your arrival, an anamnesis discussion with the attending doctor and preparation of your individual treatment plan takes place.


After the final medical consultation on Friday, it is possible to travel home or extend your hotel stay.

PREMIUM Cell Therapy

In addition to a one-week program of CLASSIC Cell Therapy with the same arrival on Monday and departure on Friday, Vital Field Analysis and Treatment in full extent is carried out. Bio-energetic whole body treatment as well as targeted laser applications extend the classic therapy range.

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