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Additional Therapies

Plasma Therapy

Recovery of injured or inflamed tissue consists of various interrelated processes in the body. Proteins from the blood play an important role for an effective repair of the tissue. Broad range of proteins originate from thrombocytes or platelets. At the injury site, they get activated and release growth factors in order to start and support the healing process of the injured tissue and painful inflammation.


On this basis, plasma therapy supports body's own healing process with high concentration of growth factors.

During plasma therapy a small amount of blood is taken from the brachial vein. By a special process, blood components are separated and plasma with endogenous, regenerative components is extracted. This way, the platelet rich plasma is injected in the affected area.


Treatment is recommended for a mild to moderate arthrosis and certain sport injuries.

Plasma and Collagen Therapy

With a share of 30 percent, Type I collagen is the most common protein in human body. The structural protein collagen is an important organic part of connective tissue as well as bones, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Furthermore, it is essential for wound healing processes and tissue renewal.


A new treatment method, which combines body’s own plasma with collagen, can support tissue renewal and regeneration.


Areas of application:

For example inflammation, irritation and overload of:

• tendons of the shoulder joint

• Achilles tendon

• Patella tendon (knee)

• tendons of the elbow joint (tennis elbow)

• plantar fasciitis (sole of foot/heel)



Blood sampling and preparation is identical to classic Plasma Therapy. Before being injected in the affected area, body’s own plasma is enriched with collagen.


Why Plasma and Collagen Therapy?

The combination of body’s own plasma and collagen creates a depot of growth factors. Even a single treatment can lead to a continuous supply of growth factors, lasting up to 4 weeks. Plasma and Collagen Therapy can support hemostasis, tissue renewal and regeneration of the affected, injured tendons.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Treatment is a stimulation therapy which supports the immune system, stimulates blood circulation and alleviates chronic inflammations.


We offer a small and large ozone autohemotherapy as well as local and rectal therapy. For ozone autohemotherapy a small amount of blood is taken from a vein, enriched with ozone-oxygen-mixture and returned back to the body. For local therapy, ozone and local anesthetics are injected into pain points. Rectal therapy means ozone insufflation of colon.