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For 70 years we have been developing innovative and tailor-made therapy programmes for your health. We combine the most advanced medical approaches with a holistic view to offer you individual programs for maximum quality of life.

Our treatments focus on cell purification, regeneration and renewal as well as holistic revitalisation.


We use state-of-the-art equipment, examinations and laboratory parameters for holistic diagnostics. A detailed analysis of the current state of health and the early detection of deficits, stress or illnesses form the basis of the individual therapy programme.

It is our conviction and our experience that the treatment of chronic diseases should begin with the removal of environmental toxins and body's own toxins from the organism. For us, this is the first step in a holistic treatment and the foundation for subsequent, constructive therapies.



Our cell therapy aims to support the regenerative capacity of the cells and their healing processes by supplying essential bioactive substances and restoring and strengthening the body's balance.

Innovative therapies rely on the use of laser light and ozone to positively influence the energy balance of cells and stimulate the activity of stem cells in the body in order to promote the natural regeneration of tissue and organs.


Arzt und Patient


Stefanie-von-Strechine-Straße 6

83646 Bad Tölz, Deutschland

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